The NDfreehost Upload Manager
(A patent has been filed for this site and its concept. Email us for details.)

Rules to remember
1. Only content and links.
2. ALL files must be in ONE folder per gallery. IMPORTANT!
You may upload multiple galleries by putting each gallery in a separate folder.
3. Can only have one html file per gallery and it must
   be named index.htm
4. Zip file must be under 150MB. (remember a file this large will take a LONG time to upload!)
5. Only html, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, jpg and gif
   files are allowed.
6. Don't forget about our alias domains
   that you can use.
7. No programming..including javascript.

ND id:
ND pass:
MUST be valid. URL will be emailed to you.
ZIP file:

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